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AVANTO Triple Beam Chest Light, Original, 500 Lumen Outdoors LED Night Running Lights for Runners and Joggers, Dog Walkers, Long 5-7H Usetime, Strong USB Rechargeable 2200Mah Battery, Reflective Vest

AVANTO Triple Beam Chest Light, Original, 500 Lumen Outdoors LED Night Running Lights for Runners and Joggers, Dog Walkers, Long 5-7H Usetime, Strong USB Rechargeable 2200Mah Battery, Reflective Vest

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  • 👉 【KEEPS YOU MORE SAFE】75% of pedestrian fatalities occur in darkness. Improve your safety in traffic when there is a lack of pedestrian infrastructure and lightning. Run or walk using your favourite routes even if it's dark
  • 👍 【BE 16X MORE VISIBLE】and reduce accidents with handsfree flashlight for runners. You won't need other reflective gear or headlamps. Front beam, red backlight and reflective straps makes this the ultimate night runner light with 360° SAFETY
  • 👍【ILLUMINATES YOUR PATH WITHOUT BLINDING OTHERS】The chest mounted light preventS the blinding of others during conversation or when looking around. It also eliminates the tightness commonly associated with headlights
  • 👍【POSITIONING REDUCES STUMBLING】The powerful 500-lumen chest light features a 90° adjustable beam placed lower on the chest, enhancing shadow visibility on the ground. This reduces stumbling in the dark
  • 👉【BOOST YOUR PERFORMANCE BY CONQUERING THE DARKNESS】Don't allow darkness to slow your progress! Stick to your training schedule. Those who persist through darkness can achieve up to 30% better training results!
  • 👍【EXTENDED USAGE TIME】The USB-C rechargeable 1500mAh battery ensures a lasting operation of 5-7 hours. The running chest light will assist you in venturing out during the dark and achieving your goals!
  • 👍【MULTI-USABLE, QUALITY TESTED, WEATHERPROOF】IPX4 water-resistant, reliable lamp serves best as a night running light, jogging light, dog walking light, hiking light, bike safety light and working flashlight. Each unit is quality tested!
  • 👍【LIGHTWEIGHT, ONE SIZE FITS MOST】The adjustable size ensures a comfortable fit for adults. The chest light provides superior comfort compared to a headlights, as it lacks the tightness typically associated with headlamp usage
  • 👍【ALL-IN-ONE HANDS-FREE FLASHLIGHT FOR DOG WALKING】No need for additional reflective gear or headlamps. Our product combines front and back lights with reflective straps, allowing you to keep your hands free for holding the leash.
  • 👉【SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE】Get yours now. If you encounter a problem, just contact us via AMZ messaging and we will take care of you!

Product Description

Chest Light Triple Beam is the Perfect Companion for Your Outdoor Adventures!

Whether you are dog walking, running, or simply taking an evening jog, this powerful chest light will provide the illumination you need to navigate safely and confidently.

Key Features

High Brightness

With a maximum output of 500 lumens, this chest light can illuminate even the darkest paths. It has three different brightness levels to choose from.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Very lightweight with an adjustable strap for comfort during extended wear. You'll forget you're wearing it!

Waterproof and Durable

IP44-rated, which means it's resistant to water splashes and rain. Plus, it's made with high-quality materials that are built to last.

Versatile and Convenient

Can be used in a variety of situations, from outdoor activities to home repairs. It also comes with a USB-C charging cable.

Upgraded New Generation Handsfree Flashlight

The Avanto Lifestyle Chest Light Triple Beam is an updated version of the popular reflector harness. It’s nice to go out even in the dark when you have a good and bright light that allows you to see well in front of you, even in the dark forest.

Technical Specifications

LED 1 in front light (10 w), 9 in rear
Battery Li-Polymer 2,200 mAh, delivers power evenly
Operating Time 3 hours at 100% / 5 hours at 50% on a full charge
Visibility 360°
Water-resistance IP44 (protected from dust and rain)
Adjustable Elastic Harness Suitable for a wide range of users and can be worn over bulky winter clothing
Weight 160g
Experience Excellent Visibility

Stay Safe on Your Dog Walks

With the Avanto Lifestyle Chest Light Triple Beam, you can experience excellent visibility on your dog walks. Its super bright beam of light illuminates your path, helping you spot potential hazards. This hands-free device attaches to your chest with an adjustable harness, allowing you to move your arms and hands freely while keeping a steady light source. No need to hold a flashlight or wear a headlamp; keep your hands free to manage your dog's leash, treats, and toys.

Unleash Your Inner Explorer

Experience Extended Outdoor Adventures with Long-Lasting Battery

Chest Light Triple Beam has an impressive battery life, thanks to its 1200mAh rechargeable battery. It can last up to 5 hours on a single charge, allowing you to enjoy extended outdoor adventures without worrying about the battery life. The battery indicator feature shows you when it's time to recharge, so you can always have enough power to light up your path. With this device, you can explore the great outdoors without interruptions or concerns about running out of battery.

For Adults and Kids 6 Years and Up

Visibility and Safety for the Whole Family

Chest Light Triple Beam enhances safety for the entire family. It's ideal for children who play outside after dark. By wearing Chest Light, kids will be more visible to cars and other pedestrians, reducing the risk of accidents.

Chest Light Triple Beam offers visibility and safety for the whole family. You can feel confident knowing that you and your loved ones are protected in low-light situations.

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